Amazing, Soon the Car can Detect Heart Disease and Diabetes

Washington - Car manufacturers are increasingly developing security technology in every production car. Back in 1998 for example the seatbelt standard began to be set as one of the safety standards on the car. Then in the 1970s airbag features began to be introduced.

Currently began to grow much more related to the car without a driver and in the future it is predicted there will be features that make the car can detect the health condition of the rider.

For example, Toyota and Ford are currently conducting research to put health censorship on car technology without a driver. The car can go straight to the curb and call for help shortly after detecting the rider having a heart attack or diabetes.

"Heart rate and blood glucose levels can actually be effectively controlled because otherwise both are the biggest causes of accidents on the road," said Senior Executive Engineer Toyota Chuck Gulash told CNBC on Monday (20/11/2017).

In 2009 said Chuck, the national traffic safety agency of the United States noted that diabetes contribute 20 percent of the incidence of accidents while heart attacks recorded only 11 percent. The riders do not realize that they suffer from the disease and can actually increase the number of accidents.

"For thirty years we did research on the cause of the accident, but there was little to do with the psychological condition of the rider," Chuck said.

Heart attacks are even more dangerous because the rider may suddenly become unconscious, thus endangering other riders as well.

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