Collaboration Toyota and Mazda Soon Build Factory

Some time ago, Toyota and Mazda announced a partnership between them and are now beginning to move and the early stages of building a joint factory.

Toyota and Mazda agreed to start building joint factories in the Alabama or North Carolina region. Both regions have defeated candidate locations for other plant construction such as Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina. Unfortunately Toyota and Mazda refused to answer related to the construction of the plant. 

The plant is planned to start operating in 2021 and will build at least 300,000 units of cars per year. The plant will open 4,000 new jobs. Toypta said that the plant will produce the Toyota 
Corolla while Mazda calls the plant to produce SUVs. 

"Through the alliance, we can provide energy to the automotive industry and create more cars that people love and increase the spirit of competition so that innovation continues to grow," said Mazda President and Chief Executive, Masamichi Kogai when signing this cooperation.While in Indonesia the public would have been accustomed to see the collaboration of Toyota and Daihatsu. To note 

Toyota is the owner of Daihatsu and then often bring twin cars like Avanza-Xenia, Agya-Ayla, Rush-Terios and the latest is Calya-Sigra.The cars also managed to get their own place in the people of Indonesia. Avanza-Xenia for example, managed to become the highest selling MPV sales in Indonesia. Similarly Calya-Sigra is the pioneer of three lines LCGC.Rush-Terios himself was rumored to be present his new generation. Unfortunately until now both APM is still reluctant to respond to the issue.

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