How To Eliminate Smoke Cigarettes In The Car

Smoking habits while inside the car cabin certainly has an impact on the cleanliness and aroma of your car cabin. Not only makes the interior becomes yellowed, cigarette smoke will also make the cabin smelled typical of cigarettes that are difficult to remove. For some people, especially those who do not smoke, this will make the car cabin so smelly and uncomfortable.

The most common way to overcome the car cabin smell of cigarette smoke is usually by using car deodorizer. But this way is arguably less effective because the smell of cigarette smoke is more likely to stick to the seats, ceilings and car rugs. Moreover, some types of car deodorizer called less good air circulation car cabin. Whether it can damage the car air conditioner or also make the air in the cabin becomes less healthy.

Actually there are some easy ways to remove cigarette smell from your car cabin. But first, you have to clean the car cabin and the dust. To clean the car cabin, you can use the vacum cleaner. After that, try to use some of the following items.

1. Citrus Skin
The easiest way to remove the smell of cigarettes in the car and the material is easy to find is to use orange peel. With a fresh aroma and sour enough to sting, orange peel was able to absorb the unpleasant aroma in the cabin of cars left behind from cigarette smoke. The way is easy enough. You just have to put a few pieces of orange peel, which is large when possible, in the corners of the car cabin. Leave for a few days until the orange peel dries. If it is, remove the orange peel and cabin will feel more fresh. If you feel less, repeat again for several times.

2. Coffee
Coffee has been proven able to repel and neutralize odor. This reason also makes some perfume shops use coffee beans to neutralize the smell of potential new customers smell the perfume they try.

To use coffee as a repellent the smell of cigarettes in the car cabin the way is also quite easy. You just have to put the coffee powder on a thin cloth or a ventilated container. Then put in the corners of your car's cabin. Be it under the seat of the passenger or the driver. Or it could be hanging if you use an interesting wrap. Let the coffee work away the unpleasant smells on your car cabin, including the smell of cigarette smoke.

3 Vinegar
If you want a faster effect with a more accessible material, maybe you can use this one kitchen spice. Vinegar has a faster effect, equivalent to an orange peel.

How to use vinegar to remove the smell of cigarettes in the car cabin is also fairly easy. You just need to place vinegar on an open container like a small bowl. Place the vinegar container on the car cab and let stand for 3 or 4 hours. Vinegar will make the scent of the car's cabin more neutral and suppress the stinging smell of cigarettes. Although this way is somewhat faster effect, but not everyone likes the smell of vinegar

4 Baking Soda
The use of baking soda is also quite easy to apply. Just like other materials, you just sprinkle baking soda in the corners of the car cabin. Let's say on the passenger floor carpet, under the dashboard or under the seat. Let stand a few moments, then the smell of cigarettes and other unpleasant aroma in the car cabin will be lost.

To clean it, it is somewhat complicated because of its shape like dust / sand. So the use of baking soda would be more advisable if you have a vacum cleaner to clean up the remaining baking soda. You just use the vacuum, and the cabin will be clean and smell neutral again.

5. Charcoal
The use of charcoal has long been known to eliminate unpleasant odors. In addition, charcoal is also useful to absorb the air humidity in the room.

How to use it is very easy too. You just have to put pieces of charcoal at the hidden corners of the vehicle cabin and let stand for a few days. Charcoal will neutralize the odor on the vehicle. This method is more durable, but takes a long time to feel the usefulness.

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