How To Ride a Clutch Motorcycle

Basically all motorcycles have couplings only different types. Coupling inikan a device in the motorcycle or car that functions to disconnect and connect the rotation of the engine to the transmission. Well what is meant coupling motor here is a motor that uses a manual clutch (there is a clutch handle on the steering wheel). Most of this manual clutch is applied to motor sport such as , Honda CBR, Kawasaki Ninja RR mono, etc.


If we drive a duck motor you stay stepped on the transmission lever only when it will shift gears, this is because of the automatic clutch. But the weakness of energy lost in the automatic clutch. Well then from all motor sport using manual coupling as a power transfer tool. If you will switch gears then have to play the clutch lever on the handlebars of the wheel. In addition, the difference is the pattern of shifting teeth. In general, motorcycles that use manual coupling have a shift pattern 1-N-2-3-4-5. Well to move from the neutral position to the gear 1 movement of the transmission lever forward, to move to 2 to 5 gears to the back movement.

Well for those of you who are curious how to ride Motorcycle clutch, here we present how to drive a clutch motor with ease.
1. Rotate the ignition on "ON"

2. It is better to position the transmission in a neutral position with a marked turn on the indicator light (usually green) and then press the starter button. To note in pressing the starter button is not too long, maximum 3 seconds. Because if too long can cause the battery is overdrawn.

3. To run the motor input gear transmission to the gear position 1. How to pull the clutch handle first, just step on the transmission lever towards the front.

4. This is what most people who are just learning to ride a motorcycle clutch trouble. When going to walk usually release the clutch lever suddenly, consequently the motor died instantly. For that release lever clutch is slowly accompanied by rotating handle gas slowly.

5. If the vehicle is running then start to release the clutch lever / brake handle. After the vehicle runs approximately 10 km / hour do the replacement to gear no. 2. Way by pressing the clutch lever and stepping the transmission lever to the rear. Well to note is in pressing the clutch lever is press the full so that the clutch is completely separate from the engine speed. Doing so will make your motorcycle clutch canvas more durable. To move again to the teeth above do it the same way.

6. Well if you want to stop, pull the clutch lever and remove or turn the handle of the gas and 
accompanied to press the brake lever.

7. After stopping to return the transmission gear to position 1, now to move to neutral position lever ½ transmission only, if full then it will return to gear 2 again.

8. After the transmission gear to the neutral position, you can remove the clutch lever and then turn the ignition key to the "off" .

A few brief posts about the steps in riding a motorcycle clutch. With practice continuously, you can definitely drive a clutch motor properly. 

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