Tips To Not Sleepy While Riding

One factor that often causes an accident on the highway is the loss of driving concentration where one of the causes is drowsiness. This condition we often encounter, especially from long-distance bus drivers and drivers of goods that serve a long route. The loss of concentration that is often encountered is daydreaming, fatigue / physical condition is not fit so can not concentrate well. And the coming of very drowsiness. Due to sleepiness it sounds like a trivial thing, but keep in mind the drowsiness factor is still the biggest cause of traffic accidents today. 
Various ways taken by the rider either the car or motorcycle rider so as not to feel sleepy in the street, one of which is to rest or drink a cup of coffee containing caffeine to reduce the feeling of sleepiness. Indeed when the drowsiness comes, all concentration seems to disappear and disappear for a moment. Although in a moment of time, this kind of circumstances that take place repeatedly for not taking a break for a moment is certainly going to threaten the safety of self and other riders.Well here are some tips you can do to relieve drowsiness and maintain concentration when driving.

1. Bath, wash your face and warm up.
Make sure the body feels fit before leaving. Do what it feels like to do. For example, take a shower or wash your face before leaving (this makes you fresher), or do some warm-ups. The latter not only serves to increase alertness, but also helps to relax the tense muscles.

2. Do not daydream.

This is very important for you when driving. When on the road, do not let yourself get lost in daydreams or think of other things. Focus your concentration on the journey you are taking. Note the road conditions, the environment, and of course the traffic signs. Because when you are absorbed in daydreams this can eliminate the concentration where when you drive

3. Do not eat foods that cause drowsiness.
Some foods can actually cause drowsiness and make you not stop making you yawn. Even so this food is also necessary for the body, make sure the portion we eat fit and run out into energy so as not to drowsy. Some foods that cause drowsiness, including:
a. Banana
b. Milk.
c. Almond.
d. Cherry.
e. Tea.
f. Oatmeal.
g. Sweet breakfast.
h. Red wine.

5. Avoid drugs that cause drowsiness.

This often happens to us, when we are sick and then we want to drive, then we take the medicine without reading the packaging of the drug, and seek advice from the doctor. first identify the drugs you are taking, and make sure they are harmless when you drive.

6. Drinking coffee

If your eyes and your body are really tired, you need caffeine to help maintain awareness. One of the biggest sources of caffeine is coffee. However, coffee takes about half an hour before the effect is felt. In addition, a cup of coffee alone may not be enough for people who day-to-day have often consume coffee.

7. Pulled over and slept for a while (for the driver of the car). 
If the effect of coffee has not been felt, the best way to fight drowsiness is to sleep for a moment. Pull over and sleep for about 15 minutes. Remember, it's better to spend 15-20 minutes to get some sleep than to force yourself to keep driving with great risk. 
8.  Pulling and stretching (for motorists) 
Usually unbearable sleepiness comes when you ride a bike on a fairly deserted road in friendly weather. So, immediately pulled over for a moment and got off the bike. Stretch the muscles and walk for about 10 minutes. Moving actively can help the mind stay awake. 
9.  Do not take drugs and alcohol before or while driving 
Taking drugs and alcohol can affect your concentration and alertness. Avoid taking anti-motion, anti-cold medicine, or other drugs with sleepy side effects before or while driving. The reason, you will feel very sleepy. If you do have to take certain medications prescribed by a doctor, you should not drive a car or ride a motorcycle at all. 
10. Rest every two hours.

 Drowsiness when driving or driving a motorcycle on a long journey is a very natural thing. To prevent it, you should rest every two hours to stretch the muscles or sleep for a moment. If forced to drive steadily without pause, your body and eyes just so tired and heavy. So, even if you are not sleepy or tired, try to stay rested every few hours. 

11. Ask to be accompanied while driving.If you lack sleep, lack of rest, or are exhausted, avoid 

driving alone. Especially if the distance is far enough. Invite a friend or family member who can accompany you along the way. That way, you can chat with him if you start to drowsy. He can also be a 'cop' if you've started losing alertness, nodding off, or almost falling asleep. It would be better if the person who accompanies you is willing to take turns driving.


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