Tips Washing and Treath Motorcycle

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In addition to maintaining cleanliness and appearance, washing motorcycle also aims to keep it in order to always run smoothly and prevent damage. Proper washing of the motor at regular intervals by handling the parts is little by little easier and time-saving than cleaning the dried mud on the motor body for months. Here is how to wash and take care of a motorcycle.

1. Bottom of Motor
 First we first flush the bottom of the motor engine and brush with soap colek as in the picture above. Usually the bottom of the engine is the dirtiest place and there is a spark of oil. If you do not use soap dust colek hard lost, after the brush directly doused with water so that the soap does not stick. The bottom of the machine is complete.
2. Engine Block

 Continue to because the engine block there is a small sidelines usually dirt like to gather there so how to clean it by using a toothbrush, brush and soap colek. After the brush session finish remember immediately watered so that the soap does not stick. Parts of the machine is completed further to the rear wheel rear wheel is usually the dirtiest and there is a splash of chain oil. To remove it simply use a dab soap, do not forget to watered after it is done.
3. The wheel chain

 Vital wheel chains in the motor, must be kept clean of sand, dust and water to work properly. If ignored quickly worn out, sagging can even break in the way. To clean the chain, it is better to use soap-assisted soap water. This way is somewhat safer even though the tempo is long enough let alone the dust mixed with oil. If dirt is difficult to lift, overcome with gasoline or diesel. For example when cleaning the duck motorcycle chain. The entire section up to the chain gap should be cleaned, as well as the front and rear gear surfaces. When it is clean, washed soapy water and rinsed clean water. But, do not leave it too long and immediately dry using a cloth rag to prevent rust. Note also the type of chain motor. If a closed lubrication system has a rubber band on each link, it is not recommended to use gasoline during cleaning. Because it destroys sil rubber.
4. Top of Motor

 The next step after finished cleaning the oil mixed up, now we clean the entire section with shampoo motor. Step this time the sequence from the top of the new body of the bottom. Keep the foam / soft cloth for the body separated so as not to quickly blister the motor body. Spray with water to all parts of the motor, until you are sure that dirt and dust is gone, start by flattening the shampoo in the bucket containing shampoo that has been mixed with water. For other parts such as shock, tire, engine block, and other parts that are not part of the main paint. It's okay to use detergent soap to clean it, starting from the top first, and remember before moving to another part first enter the applicator to the bucket containing only water, wipe it to the body until the rest of the dirt and shampoo down, just repeat the initial step up to finished to the end of the motor. repeat until sure is true that the motor is completely clean. Spray back the cleaned part, until the rest of the soap is gone and completely clean.

5. Seat Care

 There may have been a replacement with leather, including the body covered with skin, worried about the matter of care. Fear of being broken or dull. For skin care while protecting can use materials such as conditioner. This treatment in addition to removing dirt and fungus also protects the skin from the sun and rain. So that the favorite leather is not easily broken. Humidity can also be maintained.
6. Treatment Box

 Incidentally your motor is equipped with a palstik-shaped box with orange peel base. Avoid cleaning the kotaran using fine sandpaper. Will damage the orange peel and give a dull effect. Can be washed by using dishwashing liquid trapped with synthetic leather. Once clean, let me add sleek and black color want to flat, dab shoe polish polish on the entire surface of the box. Create a box that has been wrapped in leather, let me more kinclong can use a special cleanser skin. Or may also use polish, according to the existing skin color of the wrapper. Do not let this happen. Unlock your duck or motor matic to spray the tank and luggage area. Actually good, but the area under the seat for all types of motor is not designed to hold water. Moreover, to hold pressurized spray water. The faling can be fatal is to matic, because the AKI Electric is usually placed under the seat directly. Also spray water can also reach into the air filter chamber, which is usually designed upward.
7. Drying.

 The next step is drying. Get used to the drying stage, dry from the top (body first) just down to the legs, wheels and machines. If I can suggest have 2 kanebo so that the body is more well maintained. Finish lap - lap when there is a tire polish, polished dech tires let plasticity more kinclong as new again motornya.
8. Clean the crust with a cleaning fluid.

 Currently the type and brand of cracker cleaning fluid in the combustion chamber has been widely sold in equipment stores and motorcycle accessories. Shaped in a can with spray system (spray). How to use it is also quite easy. However, if you are in doubt can bring ken.

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