10 Best Selling Cars in USA

If you've talked about car sales in the United States, maybe some of us already know or can guess what car model most hunted by consumers. Yes, yes, full size pick up truck double cabin. This means that consumer appetite there is still fixed on this worker's car, even though the trend of crossover and SUV is exploding also there. In addition to crossovers and SUVs, alternative fuel cars are also starting to greet and grow in Uncle Sam's country market.

Then, who car leads sales in the United States ? Since almost all brands have announced their sales figures, now we can find out. First, second and third order respectively occupied by Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado and RAM Pickup Trucks. Wow, apparently Ford, GM and Chrysler really know how to lead the market in their own homes.

Especially the Ford F-Series, which since 34 years in a row has always been a best-selling model in the United States. Competitors only one strong, the Chevrolet Silverado is always trailing in second place. As we said in the title, hosts like Ford, GM and Chrysler did lead, but Japan also started to dominate. So what Japanese cars enter the Top 10?

The right brands are Honda, Toyota and Nissan, but Toyota and Honda are always nudging. Can be seen, there are 3 models from Toyota and Honda which entered the list of 10 best-selling car, while Nissan is only 1 model, the Altima we know here as Teana. Tough competition between Toyota-Honda also became more real because the best-selling cars are one class and become rivals, for example: Camry-Accord, Corolla-Civic and RAV4-CR-V. Fiercely also yes?

For clarity, here's the top 10 best-selling car in the United States:

1.Ford F-Series (780,354 units)

2.Chevrolet Silverado (600,544 units)

3.Ram Pickup (451,116 units)

4.Toyota Camry (429,355 units)

5.Toyota Corolla (363.332 unit)

6.Honda Accord (355.557 unit)

7.Honda CR-V (345.647 unit)

8.Honda Civic FB (335.384 unit)

9.Nissan Altima/Teana (333.398 unit)

10.Toyota RAV4 (315.412 unit)

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